Online casinos have revolutionized the way players make bets. Nowadays, you can observe more and more online games that take punters to an adventure to far and bright worlds. Modern slots and other casino games open the doors to huge winnings, exciting bonuses, and unique features. However, that does not mean the classic games lost their popularity. If you are looking for online casino games for real money, you will come across many different types of games, including classic and up-to-date ones. Besides, today, the gap between old-school and modern casino games for real money is also closing. You can even find a retro-style classic slot game with a unique design and a high number of paylines. The casino world of today is wide and vast. Choose any game from the list below to have excellent gambling experience and earn real money. 

Bells on Fire

Are you ready to set fire by making bets? Bells on Fire is one of the classic slot games with a retro-style design. While we talked about closing the gap between traditional and modern online casino games for real money, it would be a mistake not to mention Bells on Fire. The out fashioned and straightforward design of the game is not the dream of every player. However, you will be thrilled with the unique features of the game. 

As it is a classic game, you should not be surprised that it has traditional symbols like fruits, 7s, bars, and bells. If you are the one who likes conventional slot games but also would not mind sprinkles of excitement, then Bells on Fire is just for you. One of the differences of the game is its design of reels. You can observe that the reels are lined in the shape of a diamond or 3-4-5-4-3 order. Besides, you should not land symbols on a payline to win a prize. In fact, there does not exist any payline. It is enough to land symbols on consecutive reels from right to left. 

Online Casino Games for Real Money with Modern Features

The game has a low variance. This indicator means you will get more frequent winnings but not in considerable amounts. However, the game developers also considered risk-lovers. One of the most excellent sides of online casino games is earning real money in high amounts. Therefore, you can increase your bet ranging between 10 to 1000 credits. As a result, if you win, your prize will be considerable. The game also includes a wild symbol in the form of bells. When they appear, they substitute any other icon. Besides, the scatter symbol also exist which provide you with free spins. If you find three or more star symbols, you will get a chance to spin entirely for free. 

Banana Splash

online casino games for real money

No matter in which season we are, we all dream about going on vacation. You might not be lucky about golden sand beaches, but these fruits are definitely! If you want to join fruits on vacation, it is time to play Banana Splash. With its five reels and nine paylines, Banana Splash is a fun game of online casino to spend your pastime. Choose your bet and spin the reels. If you land a winning combination, you will reap tasty winnings of casino games for real money. 


The game is more exciting with its bonus features. Scatter symbols are one of them which gives you a chance to get free spins- not one or two, but 15 of them. If you want to get bigger prizes, you can also play on sweepstakes software. When you land a winning combination, press bet once or bet max button. Then a mini-game will pop up. You need to guess the color of the card. If you guess correctly, you can multiply your winnings. Therefore, Banana Splash is a perfect choice for playing online games for real money. Fruits also love wild symbols. If the wild symbol substitutes icons, they double the prize. If you land four melons and one banana on the pay line, you will be able to get up to 150000 credits. In general, you get 25, 40, and 90 thousand coins for coconut, pineapple, and banana, respectively. 

Buffalo Thunder

If you are sick of seeing fruits on your slot games, you can make a swift shift to Buffalo Thunders. It is not just watching buffalos and enjoying online casino games for real money. The game offers you a lot of excitement and high prizes, too. Different from the previously mentioned online casino games, you can find symbols in the form of lizards, vultures, or buffalos in this slot game. This online casino game for real money includes wild and scatter symbols, as well as free spins and a bonus game. As you understand, all you need from an online casino is available here. 

Scatter symbols are easily recognizable. They are in the shape of a Totem Buddalo with painted faces and fires on the eyes. This feature can multiply your winnings or earn you five free spins. Besides, wild symbols earn you 1000 coins directly. To play the game, choose the number of paylines out of forty available. Then set your bet and spin the reels. This five-reel game will take you to the burning desserts with a stack of buffalos. However, it also promises you a pool of water with its great winnings and exciting features. 

Dolphins Pearl Deluxe

online casino games for real money

Let’s now dive from arid deserts to the depth of cold waters of oceans. This sea-themed game brings every sea element to you, including fish, lobster, and oyster. Casino game developers of online casino games for real money inspired by the classic slot game. They updated its graphics to create Dolphins Pearl Deluxe. Therefore,  it is also not surprising that this online slot game includes the general symbols of traditional slots such as card symbols.

The main hero of the game -Dolphins- love going wild, too. They can substitute all other icons except oysters. Besides, if you land 5 of the dolphins, you can get 90 k credits. However, for getting this prize, you should be brave and bet maximum. Also, if you have a wild symbol in the combination, your reward will be doubled. The slot also includes a scatter symbol- Oyster. Three of them will earn you 15 free spins and will triple your winnings. Besides, five scatter symbols can reward you 50000 coins.

Different from many other casino games, free spins are not occurring once. You can retrigger them, meaning add 15 more spins every time you land three oysters. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that Dolphins Deluxe is in the list of top online casino games for real money. Lastly, the game is compatible with Windows, Android, and IOS systems. It ensures you get access to the same gaming experience no matter of your device.

Wild Shark

As we started talking about under-water themed online slot games, I do not want to pass without mentioning Wild Shark. In this fun game, your task is swimming with sharks to reap the prizes like crown jewels. You can also earn money for landing cute sea animals like pufferfish, clown or angelfish to on the reels. They will reward you from 1000 coins to up to 50000 by finding Jewelled Crowns. Though the bright colors of the ocean and gorgeous animals catch your attention instantly, you need to focus on sharks, too. The wild symbol in the form of sharks can substitute others and multiply your prizes. Besides, five free spins activate when you land three bonus symbols on second, third, and fourth reels. 

If you want to add more risk to the game, you can gamble in the mini-game too. Guessing the color of the card doubles your winning. However, if you also find the suit of the card, you will quadruple your prize. There are only a few online casino games for real money that offer features like Wild Shark. To start the game, you need to choose the number of paylines from 10 to 50 lines. Then, like many other casino games for real money, you need to make your bet on each line. Do not forget that a high number of paylines will increase your winning amount, too. With its excellent design, simple rules and enormous prizes, Wild Shark is the dream game of every punter.

Party Time

party time mobile casinos

Embrace yourselves; it is Party Time! In this online gambling game, you are throwing a party with balloons, gifts, candles, and a cake. While enjoying every minute of a birthday celebration, you play the game and win great prizes. No wonder that one of the symbols is Champagne. It is designed for you to celebrate a big winning- 500000 coins. Besides the game includes free spins, multipliers, and many other thrilling features.

You do not need much to throw the game. You can make bets in little amounts as one coin for a spin. If you land Party Time symbol, you can get 15 free spins. Like many other online casino games for real money, the game includes wild and scatter symbols. You should also not forget that there does not exist any usual pay line. In this game, the only rule to win is landing a combination from left to right and with three similar symbols. 

Wild Diamonds

Wild Diamonds is not only one of the great games for real money. It is also one of the rare games which are highly preferred by female players. If you also think that these precious stones are the best friends, you will enjoy playing every second of the game. Diamonds can reward you with instant 200000 credit if you land five of them in any payline. However, it is not the only capability of them. Sometimes diamonds can turn into a Wild symbol and lead to many paytable prizes. Other regular icons of casino slots like bars, 7s, cherries, and other fruits also earn you different amounts. For instance, melons and bells will reward you with 20 k and 25 k coins, respectively. 

If the prize scheme is not as exciting as you expect from online casino games for real money, let me tell you the good news. You can multiply your winnings by 2 or even four times. All you need to do is take the risk and gamble for the card game. Either guess the color or suit of the card to increase your prize. For playing the game, you need to at least bet for ten lines. However, do not be worried. You can bet small amounts from 1 to 10 coins. If you bet maximum, it will total for 1000 coins. I hope this amount does not seem significant to you as you need to risk much to get enormous rewards. 

More Hearts

If you think you already excelled slot machine games, let me introduce you to a more ambiguous slot game. More hearts are not only different in terms of prizes, but also design. You can notice different symbols like precious stones, animals, birds, or numbers. It is a challenging task to decide what is the theme of the game. Despite its confusing design of symbols, it is one of the excellent online casino games for money. 

The game has a high Return to Player -around 90%- with its 25 paylines. If you want to increase the RTP rate, you should definitely increase the number of paylines to 30. The slot game earns you high amounts. Landing three or more scatter symbols will pay reward you with 15 bonus games with the free spin feature. Free spin game is different from other online casino games. It divides your screen into four parts where you can enjoy spinning the reels simultaneously. 

Miss Kitty

miss kitty

Another feline-friendly type of popular slot games is Miss Kitty with its cute symbols on five reels. The game provides 50 paylines and access to valuable bonuses. Some claim that the bonus is hard to achieve. However, I think it means that when you realize it, you hit a sizeable prize. Therefore, it is worth to wait for bonuses. 

The symbols of the game are milk package, mouse, yarn, birdie, card symbols, as well as the main hero of the game- Miss Kitty. The design, background, and catchy sounds of the game ensures a valuable inferno slot game experience. 

Miss Kitty is also the wild symbol of the game. It does not appear in the first reel. However, when it lands to other reels, it replaces all other symbols except the Moon symbol. Moon symbol is the scatter feature of the game. When Moon appears in the first three reels, you will get ten free spins. Your betting amount also changes between 0.01 to 4.00, which makes it easy to manage your bankroll. With its exciting features and attractive graphic design, Miss Kitty dominates the list of online casino games for real money.

Secret Forest

I did not want to finish the list of casino games for real money, before adding it a little mystery. We all probably have some beliefs or hopes toward mysterious creatures of forests. But little did you know that finding them can bring you monetary prizes. The game has five reels and nine paylines. To reveal the secret of the forest, you need to land similar symbols on the reels. Gnomes will reward you with 25 k coins while unicorns can raise the amount up to 150k credits. 

However, the biggest reward comes with five fairies and earn you 900 k coins. These fairy princesses are also the wild symbols of the fame which doubles your prize. The game developing company also did not forget about the scatter symbols. If you land Tree Spirits, you will get 15 free spin chances. During these rounds, your original winning amount is tripled.

On the other hand, you can also choose to get 450k credits instantly. Gambling feature of the game makes the online slots even more exciting. If you want to unfold the secret of the forest, start playing now.

Where to Play Online Casino Games for Real Money? 

where to play?

Playing slot games are fun and rewarding. You can enjoy the gaming experience, design, and sounds of the slot games whenever you want with the help of mobile game development. Besides, you will feel the rush of adrenaline through your veins while the reels spin. When you choose to play online casino games for real money, it adds extra sprinkles of excitement to online gambling. Casinos nowadays offer a wide variety of online casino games. However, we created a list of 10 top casino games for you. Do not forget that you can access each of them through the Skillmine platform. They ensure the fast loading, error-free gaming experience that is compatible with many different device types. Select one and earn real money prizes instantly.

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