Slots are among the most entertaining casino games. While traditional slot machines offer exciting gaming options, online slots have made the game much more fun. The rapid rise of the online gaming industry and casino games software has easily connected millions of gamblers worldwide. Vegas slots are online slot games that allow all internet users to enjoy the real gambling experience. Online slots include juicy bonuses and prizes that are not available in traditional slot machines.

Gamblers enjoy not only colors and options of the game, but also the amount of money that they earn. One of the things that attract gamblers is RTP. There are many types of online Vegas slots in the online gaming industry. Each variety of online slots offers a slightly different percentage of RTP than others. Although the percentages differ in very little numbers, gamblers need to choose the right slot. Therefore, it is useful for gamblers to consider the list of online slots that offer the highest RTP.

What is RTP, and Why Is It Important for Gamblers? 

RTP means Return to Player, which is the payout rate of a game. In other words, it is the percentage that the slot machine pays out to the player. If RTP is 80 percent, the slot machine pays out $80 for every $100 that the Player paid to enter the game. The more the RTP is, the more money the Player gets back. Therefore, ambitious gamblers choose online slots that pay the most RTP. The online slots are enjoyable because of their colorful design, entertaining sound effects, and high winning chances. 

Top Vegas Slots with Amazingly High RTP 

The enthusiastic gamblers from all around the world can play Vegas slots anywhere and anytime they want. Players can enjoy playing with slot machines while sitting on the couch at home, thanks to globally easy internet access. There are lots of enjoyable online slot machine games. However, having more winning chances is always right. Online gamblers should choose the game that makes the most money. Below are the list of the online gambling slots that have the highest RTP and exciting facts about them.

Rudolph’s Revenge – 94.85% RTP

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This amazingly exciting slot game will cheer online gambler up. In Rudolph’s Revenge, there are bonus features that make it a great casino machine among online Vegas slots games. The first bonus feature is the bonus spins triggered by scattering figures. The second bonus feature is the jackpot coins that can luckily double the winning prize. While the game is loading the slot wheels smoothly, the fruit images appear during the high-quality spinning process. The Rudolph’s Revenge offers 94.85 percent RTP alongside bonus spins that will favor lucky gamblers.

Big Ben – 95.54% RTP

Gamblers would love playing in this online sweepstakes games, as it is based on London’s Big Ben. Besides, Big Ben is one of the best Vegas slots because it promises 95.54% revenue to the gambler. Players can align the number of lines according to their choices on the main menu. From one to 25 lines may be wagered, and the gamblers can opt for the money value. The luckiest players will get the most revenue RTP that is 30000 coins, which come with Soldier symbol. Big Ben also offers bonus spins that can double the winning prize. This user-friendly casino game features bells as in real Big Ben that make the game more sophisticated. 

Book of Ra – 96% RTP 

One of gamblers` absolute favorites is Book of Ra that includes the designs of ancient times. This online slot machine is very generous regarding payouts with 25000 jackpot coins. Book of Ra is one of Vegas slots that feature autoplay, scatter puzzles, wild options, and free spins. Gamblers are especially addicted to the Book of Ra because of its attractive graphics effects and fantastic sounds. Its oriental style, combined with generous bonuses, makes it one of the perfect online slot casino games. Players can participate in games with real money or free of charge. With its great return payout, gamblers will have interesting and funny experiences while winning huge amounts of money. 

Big Red – 97.04% RTP 

Big Red is an online casino slot game that promises a significant amount of return to players. RTP 97.04% is a massive proportion of the initial payment that the gambler gets back. If we combine winning prizes with RTP, the lucky gambler can win a huge amount of money from the online game. Players can either play with real money or earn online free credits to gamble. There are five reels on the Big Red slot. Each reel has three figures on them that determine whether the gambler will win or not. The game rules of Big Red within the main menu explain how the lucky Player can maximize winning chances. With huge RTP, Big Red is worth to play among other slots in the online casino world. 

Starmania – 97.87% RTP 

The star online casino slot game of the list is Starmania, with the 97.87% Return to Player. Starmania features an exciting design consisting of shiny stars as wheels and outer space as a menu and game background. Starmania is a real hit for ambitious gamblers, guaranteeing safe payment of your money. If you are a lucky gambler, you will have significant amounts of wins. Additionally, with bonus features, you will be able to gamble your prize. In other words, you can double or quadruple your winning prize by playing with not only your money but also game prizes. 

How to Choose a Good Online Vegas Slot? 

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You should pay attention to several features of online casino slots before starting to play. Every detail is essential to consider while deciding which Vegas slot is the most suitable to put your money in. Firstly, you should look through the main menu. Here, you can find the terms of the game. You will find the RTP and the number of jackpot coins, which will help you to calculate the Return on your investment. Whether there are bonuses and free spins or not is also an important detail. The game is not good if it does not offer you free spins and chances to multiply your winning prizes. 

Besides, you should also consider the overall design of the game. Thanks to the development of various types of casino games software you can find a lot of interesting online slots with colorful designs. If the main menu not professionally built, it would be better to skip that online slot machine game. Most importantly, check out the amount of Return to the Player before starting the game. If there are several Vegas slots in an online portal, do some research and choose the game with the highest RTP. If you are a lucky gambler, the winning prize may combine with RTP, and you can earn a lot of money. The generous slot game will provide you with free spins and multiplier tools that would allow you to win much more. 


Vegas slots are the best online casino games if you want to have the real experience of casino gambling. Alongside the design and colors of the menu, a high Return to Player especially increases the attractiveness of Vegas slot. High RTP means that the Player can earn more money while mixing his or her deposit and prizes. Above Top 5 list allows you to choose the best online Vegas slots among other online casino games.