Video slots are arguably one of the biggest trends when it comes to online gambling. Various entertaining games, creative interface, and video game alike graphics make a perfect tandem for slot game players. Let’s face it, every casino player’s biggest wish while playing those games is to hit the jackpot. The fun side of the video slots online casino game is also essential though the primary target for online gamblers has always been jackpots. 

Players are searching for hypothetical winning strategies and want to know how to beat video slots. Along the way, the only thing that you will get from that is losing money and effort. So, what is the way of beating the system and winning big cash? Is it possible? In this post, we will answer these questions while exploring the chances of players for hitting the jackpot in video slots online casino games. 

Science Behind Online Video Slots

Online video slots are a very primitive yet very confusing system of generating winning combinations for players. As we all know, most of them have five reels. Now we will explain to you what happens when you are pushing the start button on each round. Different numbers are assigned to various symbols that are appearing on the reels. Then, the Random Number Generator algorithm chooses a number that is associated with a particular symbol. That number will determine the symbol that will be displayed on each of the reels when the process stops. Symbols in video slots online casino games are all weighted differently. For instance, imagine that you are playing progressive video slots, and there are nineteen different symbols on the reels. In that case, the chances of landing matching symbols of the slot game will be randomly chosen on each spin.

Let’s note that in online casino slot machines, symbols that are paying lower are weighted higher. So, the chances of hitting that symbol on every reel are higher than hitting symbols like wild and scatter. Pay tables are a great way of learning the weights of different symbols if you want to run a jackpot. Without knowing pay tables and the progressive jackpot payout rate, players cannot get to the highest stage. 

The Max Bet Effect on Hitting a Jackpot

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There are two major types of jackpots that are progressive and fixed. Most pots require players to make the maximum bet to increase their chances of winning. If you want to be a generous guest who is considering himself only a participant, then yes, you can pay anything less that maximum bet. Though, if you want to win the jackpot, there is no way other than paying the maximum bet and competing. In video slots online casino games, whether you are looking from mathematical, theoretical, or any other perspective, you need to know that increasing betting amount will enhance your chances of winning progressive jackpots. 

In fixed jackpots, instead, they have one common feature that is their RTP percentages. The RTP percentage will get higher as long as you increase the bets in fixed jackpots. For example, if a player puts up two dollars on each winning pay line with a ninety-four percent RTP rate, the rate will go up to ninety-six percent. When you add another dollar to the pay lines, that same rate will go up to ninety-eight, etc. In other words, the higher you bet, the higher the chances you will get in fixed video slots real money casino jackpots. 

Luck Is Essential Factor for Hitting Video Slots Online Casino Jackpot

Above, we tried to explain the correlation between high stakes and chances of winning while playing video slots for jackpots. You need to remember that these results are coming into existence because of the Random Number Generator. So more variables are affecting the result of the pot rather than high stakes. For example, the different pay lines, payout percentages, the grind, hold, and variance are just some of them. All of these elements are playing against the player when he is competing. The only factor that is fighting with you for the jackpot win is your luck. 

Importance of RTP on Defining the Chances of Hitting a Jackpot

Another thing about video slots is that their payout rate system is depending on Return to Player Rate percentages. Most of the time, on average, video slots have around ninety to ninety-nine percent RTP. Variance and number of the winning pay lines are also essential in defining the chances of any player at winning video slots online casino games. The timing of the game is a significant factor. It is directly affecting jackpot wins in video slots real money games. For example, random number generator systems are choosing random variables, and they are turning into winning combinations. 

Whenever a player pushes a spin button, if luck is on his/her side at that specific moment, Random Number Generator will select variables that are standing for matching symbols. So, from that perspective, it is all about luck. Let’s look at other variables and decide whether or not you can increase your chances of winning the jackpot at video slots or not. 

What Are the Odds for Hitting the Jackpot?

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In modern video slot machines, the odds are different according to the virtual reel set up. Odds of hitting a particular winning combination are changing because of Random Number Generator systems. There are an actual reel and virtual reel on the system of video slots real money games. Besides, each stop on the actual reel may be correspondent to more than one stops on the virtual reel. In simple words, hitting a particular symbol on the real reel is depends on the fact that how many virtual stops correspond to the actual stop. 

For most of the video slot machine odds of hitting the jackpot is equal to one in sixty-four probabilities for one symbol. If we consider that a casino player plays three-reel classic slots, then we need to multiply sixty-four three times with sixty-four. So, in three-reel classic video slots, the odds of winning the jackpot by matching three symbols equal to 262.144. If we have five or more reel video slot machine, then the odds of hitting a particular jackpot will decrease as much as two times.  


To finalize, some ways are hypothetically increasing your chances of hitting the jackpot. You can deposit higher, or you can select video slots online casino games that have higher RTP. In video slots and overall online casinos, many players believe that higher risks will have equally high returns. For hitting the jackpot, you need to have all the credentials alongside with great luck. You can never know the results until you try it. So, if you are one of those passionate players that works his best to hit the jackpot, start from now and play progressive video slots.