The process of playing online games has always been entertaining. People love to turn off real life and turn on virtual reality. While playing video games, we want to imagine ourselves in the shoes of the game characters. As a result of what, the video game industry has reached the highest growth. There is a lot of adventure, arcade games which are pretty famous, and which have large high sales. But in the last couple of years, the online casino industry became very popular. A lot of players enjoy spending their time playing sweepstakes slots, board games, slot games, cards and other games of online casinos.

In line with spending an exciting time, these casinos offer high returns as a result of what, players spend a fascinating time. Clients enjoy the adrenaline of risking on slot and make money out of this. Thus, it is not surprising that online casinos are gaining such popularity.

Talking about an online casino, platforms I would like to discuss specifically Skillmine Games. Skillmine Games is an online casino and internet cafe developing company. Their main point of differentiation among competitors is that they are specializing in 3D and multiplayer casino games. Skillmine delivers to the public high-quality online sweepstakes slots, onboard casino games, multiplayer games, roulettes, slot games that have the perfect design.

About Skillmine and Their Efforts

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Producers, developers, and designers of the company are working hard to produce a game with a fascinating design and exciting storyline. Skillmine Games aims to deliver fair gambling games, which will help players to make real money. Consequently, their primary goal is not attracting a large number of players, but making players who played once to come back. Skillmine believes that high returns, bonuses, jackpots will make their existing customers happy. And at the same time, these reasons will help to get the attention of new players. 

Skillmine Games offers a wide variety of games on their platforms. They are working hard on enlarging their portfolio with exciting gambling games, sweepstakes slots, and other online casino games. In line with developing new games, they continuously improve the quality of their existing games. They are developing new features to their games such as challenges, free offers, and jackpots. Skillmine Games develops games for different devices. Games which they produce support different operating systems such as iOS or Android. You will not have any trouble playing any games. Moreover, you will have the chance to play a game with your friends, even if the system of your operations is different.

Skillmine Games

All games of the Skillmine are interesting and simple at the same time. The user-friendly interface of the games will help you to understand the logic of the game easily. Besides, Skillmine offers you a unique chance to play several games at the same time in different windows. By doing this, you can build different betting strategies for different games and double or triple your gain. The platform of Skillmine Games is very secured and safe.

They periodically check the platform for suspicious activity. The money withdrawal and payment system are also straightforward. You can comfortable do any kind of money operations. Skillmine Games guarantees security and privacy of any kind of transaction in the platform. The unique design of the casino and games would make your playing process more exciting. High-quality 3D graphics and sound effects would make you feel relaxed and comfortable according to the gambling statistics.

Wild Respin of Sweepstakes Slots

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If you are a lover of retro-style slot machines, then this games is for you. While playing this game, you will feel yourself as James Bond from “Casino Royale.” This sweepstakes slots game will be your time travel machine. It will bring you back to the old and gold time. The classy design of the game will help you feel like in Las Vegas of 60ths. Characters and symbols in the form of fruits will be your lucky talismans. Oranges, lemons, melons, plums will earn you incredible money standing in proper combination. In addition, this old fashioned slots game offer you an opportunity to gain up to one million coins.

Winning Combination

Moreover, as in many other casino slots, in Wild Respin there is also a wild card. The symbol of Wild Diamond will help you to increase your gain if they would appear together with the winning combination. In addition, which makes this game more fascination is a respin feature. These features will add up an extra layer on each time when it will appear in the game. All you need is just any device connected to the internet to enjoy playing this game. You have a chance to win great prizes from every spin. 

The basic scoring system of the game is straightforward. Cherry and lemon symbols will earn you up to 1250 coins. Whereas characters of plums and oranges can get you up to 2500 coins. Symbols of melons and grapes will maximize your profit of up to 5000 coins. If you will be lucky enough and get symbols of gold bars, you will win up to 12,500 coins.

Jackpots of Online Casino

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The jackpot of the game is the possibility to hit the full screen of 7’s. In this case, you will take one million coins. Moreover, there is a wild card in the game, which will help you to maximize your gain. For example, Wild Diamond is able to substitute all of the base characters of the game and in line with all other symbols gain you a winning score equal to the scores mentioned above. You will definitely wait for the symbol of Scattered Starts too.

These symbols will gain you up to 250,000 coins if you see five stars anywhere on the reels. One more symbol funny symbol is Respin Feature, which will add one layer to the game. You have a chance to win massive prizes if you are lucky if two or more of these wild cards will pop up on the reels. There is an opportunity to take massive risks in this game and gain massive prizes. If you are a tough guy, you can gamble on all your money. Gamble opportunity of the game will double your money if you could guess the color of the card put with face down. Or you can multiply your money by four if you will be able to guess the suit of the face-down card.

Bells on Fire

Bells On Fire is one of the online slot games developed by Skillmine Games. This slot game is also one of those sweepstakes slots which are designed in retro style. Interface and sound effect of the game will bring you to fascinating 80ths. If you love playing on large bets this game for you because this game offers you a chance to increase your winning by 10,000 points. Moreover, at any time of the game, you will have chances to risk all your gain to double it. Bells On Fire as other games look like five reels with 40 paylines worth.

What makes this game unique is a wide range of possible strategies used while playing. Particularly, you are able to bet at any place from 1 to 80,000 coins per payline. Thus, players who play at a higher margin and love to risk their money will love this game. You can play this game while traveling or at your lunchtime. Thanks to Skillmine Games, this game can be played on any mobile phone despite the operation system. 

Friendly Interface

The game interface and guides are very easy and user-friendly. The scoring system of the game is very similar to the usual casino video slots. Different symbols will earn you different gains if they organize proper combinations. For example, the symbols representing grapes and melons will earn you a minimum of 200 credits if they would be three on reels. But you can earn up to 2000 credits if they will be in a combination of five on the roller. Bar character will increase your money by 400 credits if it hits three times.

Credits of Sweepstakes Slots

Whereas, it will earn you 3000 credits if it is in a combination of five. But what you will wish and hope to appear is a symbol of Red Seven. This figure will give you 40 points for two hits, but 10,000 credits for five matches. Of course, as in other sweepstakes, Bells on Fire has its bonuses and jackpots. Scatter Star is the main wild card of this game. The main feature of this wild card is that it gains instant wins for the player. For example, if it will pop up on a screen with three matches, it will earn you 800 credits.

But if it will appear four times your money will be increased by 8000 credits. And the combination for which players hope to get is Red Seven with five matches, and it will pay you 100,000 credits. The gambling feature which is about playing all-in to double your money is also applicable in Bells on Fire. The logic of gambling is very simple if you could get the color of the closed card you will double your money. But if you could guess its suit right, you will quadruple all your money. It is a very risky, but very attracting offer.

Wild Diamonds of Sweepstakes Slots

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Who said that diamonds are friends of women? I bet men love diamond more. But everyone loves diamonds which earns them money, more than diamonds. Wild Diamonds is one of the sweepstakes which you will enjoy playing. You will have a chance to win up to 200,000 credits. The interface of the game is very similar to old school sweepstakes slots with fruity symbols. These characters rolling on the reels will make different combinations, and your gain will depend on those combinations. But, of course, there is an opportunity to multiply your gains in case of appearing wild cards.

How Many Coins Can you Possibly Earn?

This game gives you a chance to make large wins with lower bets, to Return to Player coefficient of this game is high enough. You don’t need to bet all your salary for the diamond on each stake to get high winnings. People can enjoy playing this game on your computer or mobile phone with your friends or anywhere. You need just an internet connection and a good mood to play internet casino games. Do you believe in love from the first spin? If not, then try playing Wild Diamonds. This game offers you a wide variety of winning combinations and strategies. You will not get bored with these slot games.

The only thing which you will regret after playing this game will be a though “why I did not play it before.” Combinations and their scoring scheme are very simple. Cherries, lemons, plums, and oranges will earn you up to 10,000 coins if they appear in one line. But, grapes and melons will earn you more tasty prize which can be 20,000 coins. Symbols of a single bar will increase your money up to 25,000 coins. Bells on the winning combination will offer you the prize similar to bar’s gain. Whereas, the character of double bars and red sevens will increase your profit up to 50,000 coins.

Symbols and their meanings

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Of course, wild card symbols will multiply your gains and will be your ticket to a rich life. In Wild Diamonds, wild card symbols can gain you money by substituting any of retro-styled fruits. For this reason, you will hope to get those wild cards to maximize the outcome of your winning combination. Real returns of the diamonds will be in case if they will appear as five in one payline. In this case, you can open a bottle of champagne, and celebrate that you get 200,000 coins. Famous sweepstakes slots gambling feature is also applicable to this game.

If you think that you are very lucky, you can try to guess the color of the closed card. If you get it right, you will double all your money. You will lose all your money in case if you get card color wrong. Really tough guys can try their luck in guessing the suit of the closed card. In this case, if they will be lucky to guess a suit, then his money will be multiplied by four.

Pharaoh’s Gold III

Ancient Egypt is full of mystical secrets and stories about the treasury. Archaeologists and scientists are trying to find the secrets of ancient Egypt Pyramids and Pharaohs. But, you are given a chance to win a prize equal to the amount of their treasury playing a slot game Pharaoh’s Gold III. The perfect design and user-friendly interface of the game will provide you will all conditions to enjoy a game. Symbols and characters are in the form of ancient Egypt cats, sphinx, pyramids, birds, and other mystical objects.

Wild cards and paylines

These objects randomly appearing on the roller will make different combinations. You winning money will depend on combinations popping up on the reel. But, of course, there is a chance to multiply your gains in case of appearing a wild card. Your difference from those archaeologists will be that you will get the treasury of Pharaoh by much less effort. 

Rules of the game are not complicated at all. Pharaoh’s Gold III is one of the sweepstakes slots which has nine paylines. You are free to choose the number of paylines. What makes this game more comfortable for play and different from other sweepstakes is the autoplay button. If you get bored and tired of online casino games, you can select the autoplay feature of the game. And by doing so, you can easily play this game in line with other slots at the same time. And by doing so, increase your profit.

Gaining Coins on Sweepstakes Slots

Characters of cats and beetles will let you gain 25,000 coins. Golden bird symbol is more valuable in this game and earns you 40,000 coins, whereas symbols of the pyramid and sphinx will increase your profit by 75,000 coins. The wild card of the game is Tutankhamun’s head. This symbol will substitute any other symbols in the winning combination and will earn you money in a scheme mentioned above. It is one of the best slot games.

What makes this game more interesting is a symbol of Sarcophagi. This symbol is a jackpot of the game. If it appears in the combination of the winning tip, you will get 900,000 coins as a super jackpot on sweepstakes slots. The jackpot, which will also boost your gain is a symbol of All-Seeing-Eye. This symbol will provide you with bonus free spins and of 450,000 coins.

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