Before you choose a turnkey solution for your online gambling platform, you have to be aware of the meaning of the term So, how does the process go? A software provider gives the casino owner a turnkey casino that is self-owned multi-functional that offers the casino owner unlimited customization opportunities in their online business. Not many software companies provide this kind of customization and features to opportunistic business people. It is best to find out which necessary features your online casino business needs before settling with a specific software provider. Let’s discover all the necessary features that are a must for your online casino business by using a reliable turnkey casino. 

Turnkey Casino: the essentials of software

The development of the business plan

If you are planning on starting an online casino, you will need cash investment. And not just for once: as a casino owner, you will pay for advertisements daily, which are the building blocks for every online business, and partnership programs also need a good amount of investing at least once a month. So you need to have a good amount of start-up capital to pay off any debts that might have accumulated.

Registering on a reliable software company

Every country has certain rules and registration concerning the gambling business. These rules and registration can be both strict or light, depending on the laws. What matters is you have patience and a good capital investment. The easy steps are collecting necessary documents, paying governmental fees, and registering your business. Nevertheless, some opportunistic business people try to avoid government entities; this is not an ideal option and should not be taken into consideration. It can destroy your business and its reputation. So, even if you decide to opt for a ready business model such as a turnkey casino business, you will need to follow all the rules and guidelines of the respective country that you aim to get a gambling license. 

Choosing the software

An online gambling platform consists of multiple slot games, management panel, e-payment system, and much more. Having a gambling institution requires the casino owner to take special care of stable and smooth operations and protect the institution from external cyber-attacks. 

Purchasing and installing the games

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This stage is by far the most important stage to consider opportunistic business people. Hence it is better to purchase popular slot games that will give the most profit since you are looking to excel in the casino business as fast as possible. When choosing games, it is also advisable to pick games with the most ratings. Games that have good ratings refer to the fact that most gamblers are interested in them. 

After choosing the necessary games and if you see a good margin of profit, it is best to update your slot machines game database to gain more gamblers. 

Developing the marketing strategy

Having an effective marketing strategy might not be cheap, but it will attract many gamblers’ attention. It will also increase your gamblers’ loyalty, which will greatly affect your casino’s reputation. That being said, it is better to let the professionals take care of your marketing strategy. Even though you are deciding to open an online casino business based on a franchise like White Label or buying a turnkey casino, you will still have to pay for promotional activities, which means you will lose money if you decide to take on the challenge by yourself.

What is the Turnkey casino development?

As its name, Turnkey casino means creating the best gaming software from scratch with the help of the software provider. Professional casino software developers have to have the necessary software services and features to fulfill all clients’ needs and requests “professionally.” Moreover, choosing a reliable casino software developer means choosing experts that have good knowledge and experience to implement a sporadic and profitable casino business. Additionally, there are many essential advantages to Turnkey online casino development; for instance, when choosing a reliable software provider, you will have a smooth and safe cooperation with the developers.

Turnkey solutions are there to create and carry out any project essential through the software provider (e.g., coding or customization). It is recommended to have as much information as you can about the casino business to raise critical questions. You need to be able to point out any problems or anything that is lacking in the software. However, when you mutually cooperate with a reliable slot software provider like Skillmine, you will have full ownership over the project, which gives you the freedom to control and implement independently.

The advantages to a turnkey casino

One of the most advantageous parts of a turnkey casino is, in a short period, an opportunistic business person can easily establish and function their online casino business. The turnkey software takes all the unnecessary waiting times for a fully functioning casino business, so everything will be done as quickly as one would need.


turnkey casino

The beauty of opening an online casino can’t be described with words. Nevertheless, there are many questions one has to answer. The simple yet very functional design of the online casinos that are powered by turnkey software makes them a must-have solution. An opportunistic business person will have to take care of many tactical and strategic decisions. If you purchase a turnkey solution, an intermediary company will take care of these problems.

Fewer financial investments

Starting an online casino business is very expensive and can be tiring some. There are many software providers like Skillmine who have much expertise in this area and knowledge. Additionally, Skilmine takes care of all the expensive and tiring areas of opening an online casino business.

Skillmine provides the necessary casino script which gets the job done and enables you to take care of all the other necessary areas of your online business. It is also worth mentioning that the cost of an online casino script is not cheap by any means. So purchasing the right casino script from a reliable software provider is a must if you are looking to get your full money worth.

A reliable software partner

After choosing your preferred casino script provider, it is best to negotiate the necessary terms and conditions before-hand. There are some responsibilities of a casino script provider; an online casino owner has to understand. Some of these responsibilities are obligations, advice, and full support.


Another perk of having a casino script from a reliable software provider is the licensing issue will all be solved by the software provider company. The casino license is not cheap by any means, the form bill is $15,000, and the yearly gaming license cost $100,000. And the whole process takes up to two months.

A proprietary brand

Creating an online gambling business on a turnkey method and from scratch — is an opportunity only given to a few software providers. As a casino owner, you get to enjoy your own brand, logo, and other special features of owning a casino business.

Choice of the payment systems

Turnkey online casinos must provide all the necessary payment systems for the gamblers. This includes well-known e-payment systems such as Visa, Maestro, Neteller, and much more. Having the Cryptocurrency feature will help your online casino business to grow. 

So, as we go through the features and advantages of turnkey casinos, let’s take a look at white label solutions and find out the similarities and differences between those two. 

What is the White Label Casino Solution?

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Another popular casino launching method is White Label. The software developers provide casino owners with a ready-to-operate platform, which is tested extensively prior to purchase. Nevertheless, even the White Label ready casinos need customization to buyers’ desires sometimes.

What are the necessary services and features that the White Label project needs before it launches?

Before an enthusiastic casino owner decides to purchase casino software, there are some essential things that he or she must decide, for instance, where the casino business will take place. One might ask why the geographical setting is important for this business? The reason is every region and country has different players that have different tastes in games and services. As a matter of fact, it can be risky to choose a casino software blindly. For instance, gamblers in Russia don’t have the same taste in services and games when compared to gamblers in the USA. In order to save yourself from problems that might arouse along the way, it is best to have something called a Relevant Games Integration.

Few reliable casino software developers offer RGI. White Label mode easily divides each geographical region in RGI, which helps you the casino owner to purchase a casino software that is more relevant to you and your business. Additionally, reliable casino software providers have the necessary knowledge and database to know which hot slot games are more profitable when played in a specific region. Each region has its laws and regulations concerning online gambling. Additionally, online slot games and services have to be translated to that specific region, and the currency will fluctuate. Meaning you can’t expect the same profit from the same game in different regions. This has to do with the country’s economic situation. It is best to do thorough research before settling with a specific country. Additionally, the software and website design will have to change (e.g., banner, theme, color)

Project management

“The next big thing,” as Steve Jobs said in determining the role and position of each staff and employee. This might seem like an easy step, but it is crucial to carefully inspect each and everyone’s capability to have a smooth and problem-free business. Each employee has, to some degree, a right to have access to the administrative casino system. This means you have to be able to give certain rights to your employees, depending on their expertise. For example, the casino administrators will have access to the games and their traffic data, whereas the managing directors will deal with user data and financial issues. The operators and the developers will be able to validate the bonus systems; for the most part, the operators will be able to change the withdrawing and depositing quantity of the users. 

Another feasible feature of White Label casinos is about marketing campaigns. The white-label casino software can provide the owners with ready marketing solutions. This is a great feature if you are planning to expand your casino business. 

Payment Process

There are other important White Label key areas to consider, but for the sake of brevity, we can’t list all of them. Nevertheless, there is an important area to consider before starting this business journey, such as choosing the payment process. There are two available options for you, such as getting the payment directly or through the casino software provider. 

Turnkey or White Label Which is better?

Answering this question is like answering the question of how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop. The answer varies from person to person. In reality, you have to, try and choose yourself. 

Every year new online casino businesses start, and at the same time, there are casino businesses that fail. This happens because of two reasons either the casino owner was inexperienced, meaning that they did not do thorough research before starting this business venture, or they came across not so reliable casino software providers. Nevertheless, by following the steps mentioned above, you will have a general idea of how the casino business operates. 

Commonly there are two casino software projects that you should focus on: creating a casino platform from scratch meaning Turnkey casino solution. Or else purchase a ready and operational casino solution meaning the White Label software.

When choosing Skillmine as your software provider

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Gambling and casino business has been around for a long time. As time passed, the gambling itself evolved, but the mechanism behind it did not. Today there are over thousands of online casino businesses operating. And it is good to mention that all of them differ in their games and services. There are lots of things to consider before you sign a deal with the online casino software provider. By cooperating with Skillmine Games, you can ensure the following things. 

Secure servers

Skillmine provider provides secure servers for sweepstake software for effective gameplay and secure connection. Secure servers also means that any investments that are made in the game by users are safe and private. Additionally, secure servers also have a positive impact on the withdrawing and depositing in the game.

Technical support

Whether it is online support or technical support, you can rest assured that a casino software provider is ready to help you 24/7. 

Upgraded functionality

Since games are cloud-based, your users will enjoy new and fresh games weekly or monthly. Additionally, games constantly receive updates and upgrades in order to support modern devices. Games support high-definition quality that means gamblers can enjoy games that are in true 720p and 1080p.

Software design

Sweepstake software and its design are some of the key things that set it apart from other online gambling software. It has rich and easy colors for users, and this helps a lot for those who are uncertain of online gambling

Advantage of having your gambling project:

  1. High demand 
  2. It is a balanced source of income. According to GrandViewResearch reports, the yearly income of the online gambling industry in 2018 amounted to close to 48 billion euros. It is estimated to grow around 11.5 % till 2025. 
  3. Few countries have restrictions set on the internet. So, the gamblers from any part of the world can easily visit your online casino business).
  4. Provide the gamblers with Cryptocurrency and Multicurrency (ability to operate your online casino in any currency for your gamblers).
  5. Creating bonus systems for the gamblers 
  6. Gamblers can effortlessly access :
  7. users can easily create accounts, no special rules and regulations placed every has to follow the same protocols
  8.  additionally, users can gamble privately
  9. You have the option of a custom slot machine software.

In conclusion

Choosing the right turnkey casino software provider will enable your turnkey online casino business to flourish. Of course, there are always necessary precautions to take, just like in any online business. Choosing a turnkey casino software provider such as Skillmine will enable you to have a profitable business and enhance your brand. After all, gamblers are looking for entertaining online casino games for real money, and you can only satisfy them through that. So what are you waiting to take your chances!