Being able to play android casino games shows how far technology has progressed since the launch of the first smartphone in 2006. People’s views on technology have changed; many were amazed by the fact that they can listen to music, install an application, and make a phone call in a tiny device. As time progressed, the technology progressed as well the tiny devices of before now gotten a bit bigger but in a reasonable size. Additionally, it is now fully possible to perform the same tasks as you would on a bulky PC or a laptop on your android smartphones.

Service providers have also taken advantage of smartphones and now provide the same high definition quality games as you would experience in a PC or Laptop to smartphones. Android casino games are a more popular reason being you have the freedom of playing any time, anywhere. This is a huge upgrade in terms of accessibility, gamblers can now enjoy android slot games at their work, home or just about anywhere. Let’s discover mobile gambling games in detail.

Android casino games: why it should be your choice

Online casino gaming has been around for a long time, and it is improving by the minute. Gamblers can now enjoy their favorite android slot games on their preferred android smart devices even though the Google play store has put restrictions on wagering applications on its platform. Thanks to the open-source feature of Android devices, gamblers can easily side-load applications from casino service providers.

Even though Google Services highly discourages this option. It is relatively safe when it is done with the right casino service providers. When side-loading applications from casino service providers. Your android device will prompt warning that the application you are proceeding with can harm your device, but choosing the right casino service providers like Skillmine; you can rest assured of the best security and the safest android casino games. Android casino gaming is a lot safer now in terms of the security updates that it receives frequently. So, in reality, you are generally safe on both sides if you do your research right.

The type of slot games offered in android casino games

 android casino games

As mentioned before, there are a plethora of online casino games to enjoy android casino gaming. Whether you are using an android tablet, smartphone, or TV, you can enjoy your time and money in all the best ways. Nevertheless, having a plethora of online casino games for your android device doesn’t mean they all are worth your time and money; as a matter of fact, there are only a few games that have ranked the best in terms of their themes, gameplay, and soundtrack. Gamblers are picky in terms of the Return to a Player ratio in their android hot slot games. Here are some hand-picked slot games you can enjoy.

  • 50 Dragons- (94.79% RTP, five-reels with fifty paylines) Do you enjoy the Asian culture? If yes, you will enjoy this video slot game with its theme of Asia; you will enjoy all the reels and the High Definition quality gameplay; thanks to its native android support, you will be hooked in front of your favorite smart device for hours.
  • All Ways Win- (96.3% RTP with twenty-five paylines) As the name suggests, you have a game that gives you the luck of winning most of the time.
  • Miss Kitty- (94.944% RTP with five-reels and fifty-paylines ) Cats cats and cats! You will roam the streets with Miss Kitty in the hope to find all the treats!

The games slot games mentioned above are all just a few prime examples of how many opportunities the android slot games offer for the gamblers. It is best to do extensive research before enjoying one.

Honorable mentions that didn’t make in the list

  • Pharaoh Tomb-(95.2% RTP five-reel and twenty-paylines) Are you a fan of Egyptian Mythology? Say no more. With this game, you will experience the riches of the Pharaoh gods.
  • Plenty of Fruit 20-(95.24% five-reel and twenty-paylines) You will enjoy this fruit slot thanks to its RTP ratio you will play till you can’t no more.
  • Power Stars-(95.54% five-reels and ten-paylines) Don’t you just enjoy the shooting start at night in a clear sky? Well, if you do, you should add this slot game to your list as well.

There are many slot games with each offering their own themes and soundtracks. What a gambler should always consider is the quality of the games. If your slot game doesn’t have high definition quality, you will get bored easily after some time.

So how does a slot machine operate in android slot games?

 android casino games

Gambling in an android slot machine is by far the easiest method of gambling and winning when compared to other forms of online casino games for real money. You power up your smart device and surf online after finding your casino service provider; for instance, Skillmine, you then proceed to enjoy its games either by downloading its application or using its website. Currently, there are three methods of gambling in a slot game. Betting in a free mode, betting with a stable amount throughout the gameplay and betting with increasing amounts. Let’s discover these methods in detail.

Betting in the free mode

As the name suggests, you are given the option of wagering in free mode, meaning you won’t lose or gain any money. It is useful for first-time gamblers who want to experience what slot gambling is like.

Betting in a stable amount

Another useful feature for those who have experienced the free mode and now want to try the game. You are given the option of wagering in the same amount, but do note that you won’t make as much as you would in betting in increasing amounts.

Betting with an increasing amount

This form of slot gambling is more adventurous as you make progress through the game. You are investing more in the game, which can result in you winning even more.

The methods explained above work in most online casinos. The reason being some online casinos don’t offer free mode, and there are some that don’t offer wagering in stable amounts as well. It is best to analyze all of your options before settling with your preferred android casino games.

In conclusion

The methods and features of the android casino games mentioned above are just a few examples of how you can enjoy your time and money in a casino slot machine. Generally speaking, Google Play Services has put some restrictions on online casino gambling. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop casino enthusiastic service providers from providing their games and services for gamblers. When looking at the statistics, over %80 of the gamblers, prefer to gamble on their mobile devices instead of computer-based gambling. So that means mobile casino games are here to stay and will flourish in the coming future. There are tons of android casino games, but as mentioned before, there are only a few that deserve your time and money. And choosing the top online slots is a must if you plan on gambling in an online casino.